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PVE267 (ISN)

Product Information

  • Part number: PVE267 (ISN)
  • ISNPVE267


Out of stock at Gallant Parts & Tools Inc.

Product Details


Preval Spray Gun

Features and Benefits:

  • Comes complete with power unit and glass bottle
  • Get perfect color matching with this handy little tool
  • Hundreds of uses! No cords, batteries, or hoses to get in the way
  • Preval is the perfect mix-your-own pocket-sized sprayer for every little job where you need quality and fast results

It gives you the advantage of perfect color matching every time, because it lets you mix and apply your own paints. Preval can handle all kinds of liquids: paints, lacquers, shellac, cleaners, solvents, gel coats, and much more. Each Preval Spray Gun comes with a modular power unit and refillable container jar with cap. Each power unit sprays up to 16oz. of product. There are no CFC's, so you know it's safe for the environment.

Warranty: 90 day warranty on material and workmanship